I will be present as a speaker at PRIO.Conference 2009 in Munich, Germany, 28th of October 2009. My session is at 17h30. It will be the first presentation of PostSharp 2.0 ever and I will show some concrete aspects useful in GUI applications.

I will be in Munich from the 27th evening to 29th afternoon, so feel free to take a date if you want to meet me there.

Many thanks to Ralf Westphal for inviting me!

See you there!



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9/30/2009 5:05:05 PM #

Don't want to bash you or anything, but I guess that means you wont be releasing any preview (as mentioned earlier in another post's reply) before the conference - end of October?

Gael Fraiteur
Gael Fraiteur
9/30/2009 5:40:15 PM #

No, it will be before. I have some delay, but I am now working on product packaging (installer, doc, acceptance test).

10/1/2009 4:43:37 PM #

Like I said, didn't want to hurry you or anything - got a deep respect for what and how you're doing and a 2.0 release is entirely up to you when you feel it's ready. None the less, I am glad to hear it should come sooner than the conference. Ahoj a zase dik za vsechno ;)

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