PostSharp @ Krakow Code Camp

I will present PostSharp at the next Code Camp taking place June 7th in Krakow, Poland.

The talk will start with a general introduction to AOP, then go to specific solutions using PostSharp.

It is be a honor for me to stand besides a great speaker (and professional evangelist) Chris Koenig.

If anyone of the Pole .NET community wants have some more in-depth discussion or just have a beer, I will be there till Sunday evening.

Happy PostSharping!

I am pleased to announce the third release candidate of PostSharp 1.0, available for download. This is also the last release candidate, which means that I would gladly promote it to the status of stable release if no bug is reported.

Indeed, RC2 proved to be very stable. Among the reported issues, very few affected core components. Most efforts have been directed to a better integration with MSBuild and a better packaging.

Let me cite a few improvements you can be looking forward:

  • Improved Compile-Time Performance: Compiling PostSharp samples is 65% faster with RC3 than with RC2 if you use the standard Windows Installer. No real magic here: since PostSharp is stable enough, we now ship the release build instead of the debug build. Additionally, PostSharp is now correctly configured to use native images.

  • Improved User Guide: There is now a full end-user documentation of the PostSharp Platform and PostSharp Laos.

  • Improved Packaging: The installer does not place assemblies in GAC any more. The no-installer package is now fully-featured with documentation and samples.

  • Samples Browser: Documentation and source code of samples are now better integrated. You can open a sample into Visual Studio directly from the samples documentation browser.

  • Support for References to .NET 1.0: There is now a workaround that makes PostSharp accept assemblies (generally third-party dependencies) compiled for the .NET Framework version 1.0 or 1.1.

  • Compatibility with VSTS Unit Tests: VSTS Unit Test will not complain of artifacts generated by PostSharp any more.

For a complete of resolved issues and implemented features, please refer to this listing in our issue tracker.

Happy PostSharping!


I'm pleased to introduce DDDProject, a project of Nicolas Mousson, which aims to be a DDD framework by combining multiple open sources technologies: Castle Windsor for IoC, NHibernate for persitence, and PostSharp Laos for aspects.

For details, I invite you to read their presentation blog post.

Courage et bonne chance a Nicolas!