I am pleased to announce the first release candidate of PostSharp 1.0. This release solves all problems that have been reported by the community so far.

The project has taken a great momentum this summer, with the Beta 3 release being downloaded more than 1000 times in just one month. Thank you to for your support and the time you spend in testing and reporting issues.

For this release, I would like to address special thanks to Omicron, whose important donation allowed me to take the time to maintain the project.

It's also a great time to announce that the feature proposals are again open, but this time for the version 1.1. Only small bug fixes will be allowed to be merged in version 1.0.

I am often asked when the first stable release will be delivered. My vision is now to publish a new RC every month, and to promote to 'stable' the status of the RC for which no significant bug would have been reported.

It's really time now to start using PostSharp in bigger projects. Don't be afraid! First, you won't be the first. Secondly, you will be supported -- and will get a solution within one week.

Go PostSharp!

As the PostSharp community is growing, many users try PostSharp on different sample projects. There is now a places where these samples can be shared!

I am pleased to introduce a new community-driven subproject of PostSharp, PostSharp User Samples, hosted on Google Code.

The objective of PostSharp User Samples is simply to share sample codes written by community members. It's a nice way for more advanced members to help new ones. If you want to submit some sample, just communicate me the name of your google account and I will add you to the list of contributors. Then all you will need is a Subversion client.

Special thanks to Gerhard Kreuzer, native Visual Basic speaker, who has already submitted a set of translated samples!

However, the objective of this project is not to provide fully functional and tested plugins or libraries of aspects. If you own such a project, I recommend to register it in the repository of Plug-Ins, Libraries and Related Projects.

If you have any question or comment, just let me know!


I've just published a two-part tutorial of PostSharp Laos on codeproject.com. It shows how to create three custom attributes: the academic tracing one, a performance counter and a field validator.



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