It has not happened before publishing the first release candidate in October: PostSharp has reached a zero-bug point again. This means that it is ready for a new release candidate.

May I kindly ask all who have reported a bug (and all who have some minutes to loose) to download the latest build from If everything is ok I will publish the RC2 next week.

Thank you!


I am proud to announce that PostSharp will be presented at AOSD 2008, the most important conference of the Aspect-Oriented community.

The paper is called User-friendly aspects with compile-time semantics in .NET and insists on original contributions of PostSharp Laos to the art of aspect-oriented development.

I will present my work in Brussels on Wednesday, April 2th, 2008 and will attend the conference from Tuesday to Friday of this week.

If anyone if interested in meeting me in Brussels, just let me know. If many are interested, we could organize a workshop on the side of the conference. Just leave a comment to this blog. Happy aspecting! Gael