Next month I'm back in Poland, this time in Warsaw. I'll be present at the Zine Day 2008. Once again, I will be in excellent company with András Belokosztolszki, principal architect of RedGate.

I have two sessions. The first will introduce aspect-oriented programming in general and will compare four frameworks: PostSharp (of course), Spring.NET, Castle, and Microsoft PIAB. This is a tough session, but I have a good time slot (9h-10h15). The second session will be very interactive. Together with Jakub Binkowski, I will demonstrate simple and advanced features of PostSharp Laos on a real application.

See you there!


Jestli to ješte nevíte, PostSharp je ceský projekt. Ano, ikdyz je autor Belgican, uz dávno bydlí nedaleko Prahy.

9. zárí 2008 budu prezentovat PostSharp v Praze od 18. do 20. hodiny u Microsoftu. Prednáška bude cesky s roztomylým Belgickým prízvukem.

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