I am pleased to announce that I have released the first service pack of PostSharp 1.0, correcting 18 issues, most of them of minor severity or frequency.

A good reason to upgrade is that it brings important runtime performance improvements in PostSharp Laos thanks to better caching of calls to System.Reflection and thanks to a custom implementation of Delegate.DynamicInvoke (the default implementation provided by the .NET base library, relying on dynamic invocation through System.Reflection, is just shameful).

This version is side-to-side compatible with PostSharp 1.5. Pay attention to this breaking change: the version number of PostSharp libraries now does not contain the revision and build numbers anymore, so the new version is When referencing PostSharp libraries from your projects, you need to enable the "Specific Version" property of the reference.

Bad news is that all plug-ins have to be recompiled so that they have the proper version number; good news is that this is the last time, since later maintenance releases won't change the version number any more.

(Note that the file version still contains the revision and build numbers, so you can always check what version you are running.)

As promised, there is no change in the license and this version will continue to be maintained until 1.5 becomes stable.

Happy PostSharping!

Announcing Coding Glove

We are excited to announce important changes with PostSharp: we have just launched Coding Glove, the company that will further maintain and develop PostSharp. The objective of Coding Glove is to secure the long-term viability of the PostSharp project and make it trustable for its users. As you know, the necessary condition for an open-source project is to generate a decent amount of business around it. Coding Glove will achieve this objective by offering commercial licenses, commercial support, and new features and products.

Starting from PostSharp 2.0, Coding Glove will offer two editions of PostSharp: the Community Edition and the Professional Edition.

Coding Glove is committed to maintaining an open-source version of the product. All features that are free today will remain free and open source. That's why we are happy to announce that we bring no change in licensing conditions.

Today: Commercial Licenses with Support

Starting from 2009, you can acquire commercial licenses of PostSharp 1.0 and PostSharp 1.5. The licensed product is exactly the same as the open-source one. So why to acquire a commercial license, you may ask...

  • Commercial licenses come with professional-grade support including mail support and high-priority bug fixes. So you won't have to wait days for the forum to be answered or weeks for a bug to fixed. The service is backed by a professional helpdesk system so that the level of service is constantly monitored.
  • Many companies, especially in the USA, have strict policies forbidding the use of open-source software. Since the commercial license is completely decoupled from any open-source license, these companies can now use PostSharp.
  • You will get a free upgrade to PostSharp 2.0 Professional Edition, which will contain additional features compared to the Community Edition.
  • Finally, maybe you simply want to support the project but can't ask your management to make a donation. You can now suggest them to acquire commercial licenses.

We are pleased to welcome the first customers by 25% on your purchase (use the coupon JAN2008YHKYGS before the end of January 2009 ).

Changes on PostSharp Website

The website http://www.postsharp.org/ has been completely revamped and, hopefully, improved.

We want this website to be a community place (commercial stuff will be principally on http://www.codingglove.com/). Additionally to the forum and the issue tracker, we have a new repository of contributions where you can find plug-ins or aspects. You are encouraged to submit your own!

The forum principally serves to community support. Remember that community support means support to the community by the community. If you are a regular user of PostSharp, consider offering help from times to times. As the company behind PostSharp, Coding Glove will of course continue to offer help, but not on a daily basis as it was the case before December 2008.

Changes in Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

Before now, we used default texts from phpbb. We now have our own terms, conditions and policies and it is our duty to inform you of this change.

Now that registration is now required in order to download PostSharp. However, we do not show your name and company name publically any more.

What's Next?

We have invested a lot of effort in setting up the company and the new website. Our next efforts will be directed to PostSharp 1.0 SP1 (bug fixes) and PostSharp 1.5. After that, we will work on the next version of PostSharp.

Happy PostSharping!

Gael Fraiteur
chief architect
Coding Glove



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