Gold Support

Gold Support

With Gold Support, you get the highest possible level of support directly from PostSharp's author.


  • Use Any Technology Available: Phone (land lines) are still the most reliable and convenient way of communication. Screen sharing really improves support productivity.
  • Covers Everything: You can ask the hardest questions about PostSharp Core and MSIL and we can analyze tons of your code.
  • Hour-Based: We invoice you the time we spend helping you. Because there is no other time budget than the one you fix, you always get the highest possible level of support.
  • Negotiated Short-Term: Because we will be fully dedicated to you, the time frame during which the service will be provided is negotiated before the support package is actually purchased. We will make sure that both you and us are available at the same time!
Gold Support can be provided in English, French, or Czech.


Gold support is offered for 150 EUR per hour, with a minimal purchase of 4 hours. Gold support is always paid in advance.

If you are interested, you can send your request to Do not forget to precise when we should be available for you!

Standard Support

All commercial customers automatically get access to standard support.


  • E-mail Based: An email client is all you need to create a support case.
  • CRM-backed: We use professional CRM software to track support cases and monitor our quality of service. You immediately get a notification that we received your case.
  • Quick Answer: We will struggle to answer you as soon as possible. Most of the time, especially if you reside in EMEA longitudes, expect the response time to be in hours.
  • Priority Issue Fixes: Commercial customers can escalate issues that have been reported (by others or themselves) in the issue tracker. From that moment, we will solve the issue with high priority and publish a special build in short delays.


Standard support covers the following topics:

  • Installation of PostSharp and integration into build environments.
  • Use of PostSharp Laos.
Because of the intrinsic complexity of PostSharp Core and MSIL, standard support does not cover these topics. Please acquire some gold support time if you require assistance on these topics.


If you need to contact our support team, all you need is to send a mail to You should receive an automated notification within 15 minutes. If you don't, it may be that we didn't receive your request because of spam filters, or because we could not reach your mailbox. If you receive the notification, it means that your request has been recorded in our backoffice and it's now our responsibility so help you!

We only accept support requests from registered customers. Learn how to register your address or the one of your team members.


If you want to show to the world you are a happy user of PostSharp, feel free to join the new PostSharp Users group on LinkedIn by following the link

Although our message board ( remains the first choice to seek technical support, you may use the discussion facility to share or ask for experience to peer developers. Indeed, whereas our message board is principally monitored only by committers, LinkedIn discussions are loosely followed by all.

Happy PostSharping!