Gregor Biswanger has posted a demonstration of PostSharp with Silverlight on MSDN Webcast (German language). 

Die aspektorientierte Programmierung unter Silverlight ermöglicht es, nicht-funktionale Anforderungen als Aspekte getrennt von der funktionalen Anforderung zu entwickeln, zum Beispiel Validierungen, Sicherheit, Performance und Wartbarkeit. Dadurch wird der spätere Source-Code übersichtlicher und somit besser wartbar, außerdem wird durch die Zentralisierung der Aspekte eine grandiose Freiheit für das komplette Projekt ermöglicht.

Thank you Gregor!


 I am pleased to announce the general availability of PostSharp 1.5 RTM, available for download today. This is an important milestone, meaning that PostSharp 1.5 is now stable and ready for production. The release candidate cycle has been pretty tranquil, with only two bugs reported in the previous build. The number of downloads of PostSharp 1.5 has actually exceeded the one of PostSharp 1.0 for three months.

Following our policy to maintain a single stable branch of the product, PostSharp 1.0 is now considered obsolete and unsupported (bugs will be corrected only on a commercial basis). PostSharp 1.0 is less robust than PostSharp 1.5 in many respects, so nobody should regret the transition. We publish today PostSharp 1.0 SP2, the last release of this version.

PostSharp 1.5 will continue to be maintained for both commercial customers and the community, but no new feature will be added.

Most of our efforts during last 6 months have been directed to the next major version of PostSharp. The objective of PostSharp 2.0 is to be a robust and full-bodied platform for aspect oriented programming for .NET.

The new Visual Studio plug-in will help to visualize aspects in code. The new aspect framework, evolved from PostSharp Laos, will make it easier to develop more complex aspects like NotifyPropertyChanged. Its new aspect dependency checker will make PostSharp more suitable for large teams and projects. Smarter code generation will deliver better runtime performance. Thanks to the new architecture, third-party vendors (e.g. vendors of ORM or monitoring solutions) will be able to develop aspects that better integrate with user-defined ones. And, of course, recent platforms as .NET 4.0, Silverlight 3 or Microsoft CF 3.5 will be supported. An ambitious release...

I can't tell you more right now, but I hope I will be more prolix after the summer.

Happy PostSharping!


The online documentation web site has been completely revamped with a new engine. The new documentation system offers online most of the functionalities of Microsoft Document Explorer: a synchronized TOC, an index, and a full text search.

The new website is powered by Help Server 2.0, an excellent product by

X-tensive is a long-time partner of PostSharp, now included in their flag product DataObjects.NET 4.0.

Would you get into difficulties while using, I and would love to hear from you!

Happy PostSharping!