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  • AOP in .NET
  • C# in Depth
  • Real-World Functional Programming
  • Windows App Store Development: C# and XAML
  • Metaprogramming in .NET
  • ASP.NET MVC 4 in Action
  • ASP.NET in Practice

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Happy PostSharping!


Hey PostSharpers,

We have good news for all PostSharp Express users. We stuffed it with more free goodness, and made installation frictionless!

Simplified license registration process

It is now possible to get started with PostSharp Express without checking out a license from our web site.

Starting from today, you just can register yourself directly from the setup wizard itself. We implemented the change in all versions of PostSharp we currently maintain:

  • PostSharp Starter Edition 2.1 (
  • PostSharp Express 3.0 (3.0.42)
  • PostSharp Express 3.1 (3.1.22)

You just need to upgrade to the latest build of any of these branches to benefit from this improvement.

The registration system is fault-tolerant, so you should be able to use PostSharp Express on a new computer or with a new user account even if our servers are down or faulty. You should still be able to use PostSharp Express years from now, whatever happens to our company or business strategy. Commercial users already benefited from fault-tolerant license registration, and this benefit is now extended to Express users.

Complimentary features in PostSharp Express

We’ve added more features to PostSharp Express 3.1 so you can try them at a small scale for free (but forever) before you decide to scale up with a larger project:

  • Logging: up to 50 methods per project
  • INotifyPropertyChanged: up to 10 classes per project

With these improvements, PostSharp Express 3.1 becomes a no-brainer solution for small projects and prototypes. We trust PostSharp Express is now a better vitrine of our full product PostSharp Ultimate, which contains these features without limitations.

Happy PostSharping!