An untraditional aspect of the PostSharp activist Michal Dabrowski:

People who use NHibernate know that in order to take advantage of its lazy-loading facility, all public members of the persisted classes must be marked as virtual. Compared to all the benefits the lazy-loading brings, this seems to be a very insignificant price. However, for some people, including me, this extra virtual keyword is still some annoyance. It is very easy to forget about it when writing a new code, it makes Resharper complain sometimes ("virtual member call in constructor" warning) and it is ugly (subjective one, I know). In this article I would like to show how to solve these issues with a simple aspect, that makes members virtual even if the keyword is not used in the source code.

Read the complete article on Code Project.

I'll give a 2-hour presentation of PostSharp for the user group SweNug in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 23th, 2008. Details here. I'll stay the whole week in Stockholm and have usually nothing to do in the evening, so if you always wanted to meet a real geek, don't hesitate to ping me! -gael

Four years after the project's initiation, I have been honored last Tuesday in Prague (Czech Republic), in PostSharp's home country, to announce the availability of the first stable release. This release can be download from our download section.

Although everyone knows that a software of this complexity is never completely bug-free, the last release candidate has been very stable and all fixes required only minor, local and safe modifications.

The 1.0 branch now becomes a legacy branch. It will further maintained as long as another branch does not reach a higher level of stability.

This version is therefore one you can rely on.

Happy PostSharping!