The features that I promised in the last post are already available. Please read the release announcement on
As I wrote two posts ago, I discovered some design problems with both PostSharp aspect weavers: the low-level one and Laos, the high-level one. I have written a log of improvement proposals in the PostSharp Roadmap: Since most are breaking changes, I would like to implement them before Beta 1. I know some users already rely on these features. That's why I invite them to send feedback to share their opinion. Please use the add comment feature of the website for this (not this blog post). Thank you. Gael

PostSharp Video

I've just finished the first demonstration video about PostSharp. It replaces the previous Flash demonstration. The most difficult was to raise above timidity. If someone can record the audio track with a better English accent, he is welcome to do the job :-). Gael