The online documentation web site has been completely revamped with a new engine. The new documentation system offers online most of the functionalities of Microsoft Document Explorer: a synchronized TOC, an index, and a full text search.

The new website is powered by Help Server 2.0, an excellent product by

X-tensive is a long-time partner of PostSharp, now included in their flag product DataObjects.NET 4.0.

Would you get into difficulties while using, I and would love to hear from you!

Happy PostSharping!


I am please to announce that Log4PostSharp, one of the favorite plug-ins to PostSharp, has been ported to PostSharp 1.5 by Mark Kharitonov. The initial version, targetting PostSharp 1.0, has originally been contributed by Michal Dabrowski.

Log4PostSharp implements tracing aspects for the popular framework log4net. But unlike what you could achieve easily using PostSharp Laos, Log4PostSharp injects optimal instructions with minimal overhead. You could difficulty write better code by hand.

Thank you, Mark! I am sure this project is very usefull to the community.

Happy Log4PostSharping!



I am pleased to announce that Good Data is now live and production-ready. Good Data provides data analytics online, as a service (Cloud Business Intelligence).

What's in common with PostSharp, you may argue?

I contracted for Good Data a few months in their early days. It was a great opportunity to meet Roman Stanek and Zdenek Svoboda, two famous serial company creators (NetBeans, now Sun's IDE for Java, and Systinet, eventually acquired by HP). Observing how they run startup companies was very inspiring and gave me trust in launching my own company around PostSharp.

Thank you to Roman and Zdenek for being so inspiring, and good luck!