I forgot to mention it in the last announcement: support for ASP.NET web sites has been polished and is now fairly easy. If you installed PostSharp on your machine using the installer, enabling it on your ASP.WEB web site project is done in two steps:

  • Add references to PostSharp.Public.dll, PostSharp.Laos.dll and PostSharp.AspNet.dll
  • Add the following stuff to your web.config:

More details in the user guide.

Happy PostSharping!


I am pleased to announce the availability of PostSharp 1.5 RC1. This is a true feature-complete release candidate; it meets the quality standards of a real release.

Upgrade from 1.0 Recommended?

If your project is still in development phase, and will be for the next 2 months, I recommend making the upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5 now. The 1.5 branch has to many respects a higher quality level than the 1.0 branch. The last CTP proved to be pretty stable and only little important bugs were reported. See the list of addressed issues for details.

Aspects on Serializable Objects

Besides bug fixes, this version brings a new extension point (ILaosAwareness) that enable you to make PostSharp Laos aware of other frameworks. Indeed, it was known that PostSharp Laos used to work badly on deserialized objects because the deserializer does not use the standard constructor. This constraint now belongs to the past: you can now use all aspects on DataContract or Serializable classes.

Thanks to this new feature, you can now apply aspects to serializable classes. You need to download and compile the add-in PostSharp.Awareness, which makes PostSharp Laos "aware" of DataContractSerializer and BinaryFormatter. If you have a custom serialization framework, you can make PostSharp Laos aware of it by developing a similar plug-in for your framework. These features (the new extension point and the WCF/BinaryFormatter awareness) were sponsored by a large insurance company. Thanks to them!


The roadmap of the 1.5 branch is clear: wait for reported bugs during 1 month, correct them, and if none of them required non-trivial changes, publish the stable release (otherwise publish a new RC).

Happy PostSharping!


Other Services


AOP/PostSharp Workshops

As a part of their general policies, many companies organize regular workshops to introduce their employees to new technologies and approaches.

As the creators of PostSharp, Coding Glove can give you a unique introduction to aspect-oriented programming (AOP) directly from the horse's mouth. Our workshops are not limited to PostSharp, but give keys to understand the foundations of AOP and to the differences in major frameworks (Spring.NET, Castle, MS PIA, PostSharp).

We always use excellently prepared materials and flavor them according to customer's specific expectations.

For public .NET user groups and code camps, we can provide this workshop or conference sessions for free.

PostSharp Consultancy & Mentoring

Did you decide to use PostSharp in your project but want to be sure to use it the best? Coding Glove can offer you decisive short-term help:

  • design review,
  • code review,
  • complex custom development,
  • mentoring

High-Profile .NET Consultancy

Do you need a top talent on your project for a few days? With its proved expertise in .NET programming and software architecture, Coding Glove can probably help.


If you are interested by any of Coding Glove's services or have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@codingglove.com.

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