Sales Support

Sales Support

If you are looking for help with the sales process, you are on the right way!

Ordering, Payment & Invoicing of PostSharp Commercial Licenses

Reselling of PostSharp Commercial Licenses is outsourced to Digital River, Inc. Please consult their Customer Care Center for information. Don't hesitate to contact them; they are paid for that ;).

Partner Licenses, Gold Support or Large Volumes

Please send your inquiry to You should receive a notification shortly. If you did not, your mail or the notification has probably been blocked by a spam filter.


How to become a supported customer?

Coding Glove offers technical support only to its commercial customer. Your email address needs to be registered in order to use our commercial support.

By default, we register the email address you used to order one of our products. If you need to register more email addresses, please send a request to using a registered address. Please specify the new email address, first name and last name of the new supported customer.

The number of support contacts limited by the number of licensed users with a maximum of 3 by account.

Please contact us at if you have any problem getting registered with technical support.

Gold Support

Gold Support

With Gold Support, you get the highest possible level of support directly from PostSharp's author.


  • Use Any Technology Available: Phone (land lines) are still the most reliable and convenient way of communication. Screen sharing really improves support productivity.
  • Covers Everything: You can ask the hardest questions about PostSharp Core and MSIL and we can analyze tons of your code.
  • Hour-Based: We invoice you the time we spend helping you. Because there is no other time budget than the one you fix, you always get the highest possible level of support.
  • Negotiated Short-Term: Because we will be fully dedicated to you, the time frame during which the service will be provided is negotiated before the support package is actually purchased. We will make sure that both you and us are available at the same time!
Gold Support can be provided in English, French, or Czech.


Gold support is offered for 150 EUR per hour, with a minimal purchase of 4 hours. Gold support is always paid in advance.

If you are interested, you can send your request to Do not forget to precise when we should be available for you!