We are happy to announce that PostSharp 6.7 Preview is available today. Included in this release are long-awaited support for Xamarin and .NET 5. The download is available on our website

Xamarin support 

PostSharp has supported .NET Standard for a long time, and that opened the way to bring back the support for Xamarin. From 6.7 release you will be able to use PostSharp in .NET Standard projects that can be then referenced in your Xamarin application project.  The support includes creating custom aspects as well as using PostSharp Pattern Libraries. 

Note that with Xamarin, we still just support .NET Standard libraries, so you cannot use PostSharp on a project that is built for Xamarin. As we write this, we are updating our test suite and running them on physical mobile devices. Starting with 6.7, we will run these tests regularly and will guarantee (when 6.7 will be stable) that .NET Standard assembly, enhanced by PostSharp, will safely work on Xamarin.

.NET 5 support 

We are implementing full support for .NET 5, not limited only to .NET Standard projects. We've fixed several issues that were preventing building with .NET 5.0 Preview 4 SDK and targeting .NET 5.0 framework. We would be happy if you will try to build you own projects using the preview SDK or target .NET 5 in your projects with PostSharp. 


PostSharp 6.7 Preview is a release with two main improvements: support for Xamarin and .NET 5. 

Please note that this is a preview release, so do expect minor problems. We are not fully done with testing just yet and we will continue to test our product with more .NET runtimes. Please do get back to us to report any problems. 

Happy PostSharping! 

Last week our CEO & Founder, Gael Fraiteur was a guest on the Azure DevOps Podcast, a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies, hosted by Jeffrey Palermo.

Gael was speaking about his journey with PostSharp ever since 2004, which started as an open-source project. His early vision was to to build an aspect-oriented software that would offer .NET developers the same productivity benefits as those enjoyed by Java community.  

Since that time, a lot of things changed and PostSharp has steadily grown to become the most comprehensive aspect-oriented software for .NET available today.

Listen to the entire podcast to hear more about ins and outs of the product, aspect-oriented programming, what is new in PostSharp, DevOps environments, and recommendations to anyone who wants to learn more about developing an application using PostSharp. Listen in:



Also, visit Azure DevOps Podcast for more expert talks on DevOps environment with Microsoft technologies.

We are excited to announce the general availability of PostSharp 6.5 and give you a brief summary of new features and improvements. You can download PostSharp 6.5 from our website here.

With this release we made a significant improvements to build-time and design-time performance of PostSharp.

What is worth mentioning is that PostSharp 6.5 is LTS (Long Term Support) release, meaning that this release is supported for 5 years after the general availability date or one year after we publish the next LTS (the same policy as .NET Core LTS). Also PostSharp 6.5 marks an important milestone for us, as we can finally proudly say that .NET Core is now measured up to .NET Framework.


Here is the summary of all great improvements and features in PostSharp 6.5:

  • Support for Docker - we have successfully tested our product with all Docker images of .NET provided by Microsoft.
  • Build-Time performance enhancements: up to 2x faster - the startup time of PostSharp on .NET Core has decreased significantly and is now on par with the one on .NET Framework.
  • PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio performance improvements 
  • Support for IMemoryCache and the new Azure Service Bus API in Caching - we added suport for the modern Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory.IMemoryCache interface on .NET Core and Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus, the new API for Azure Service Bus.

We recommend checking out the RC announcement for more details.

Happy PostSharping!