Last week our CEO & Founder, Gael Fraiteur was a guest on the Azure DevOps Podcast, a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies, hosted by Jeffrey Palermo.

Gael was speaking about his journey with PostSharp ever since 2004, which started as an open-source project. His early vision was to to build an aspect-oriented software that would offer .NET developers the same productivity benefits as those enjoyed by Java community.  

Since that time, a lot of things changed and PostSharp has steadily grown to become the most comprehensive aspect-oriented software for .NET available today.

Listen to the entire podcast to hear more about ins and outs of the product, aspect-oriented programming, what is new in PostSharp, DevOps environments, and recommendations to anyone who wants to learn more about developing an application using PostSharp. Listen in:



Also, visit Azure DevOps Podcast for more expert talks on DevOps environment with Microsoft technologies.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll participate as a speaker to the first NDC London. I’ll be delivering my talk pretentiously named You Thought You Understood Multithreading, a deep dive that starts from the lock keyword and CPU microarchitecture and the Windows kernel.

For those who don’t know the NDC concept: this is an awesome combination of top-notch content and undeniable fun. The serious side is taken care of by a wide board of speakers, ranging from recognized personalities such as Robert Martin and Scott Guthrie to less known innovators (like me!) and luminaries.

As for entertainment, the NDC team could not find a better partner than Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell from .NET Rocks. I can only talk of what I’ve seen the last time I was at NDC. This was in Oslo in June 2011, two months before the twins got born and the two-years self-inflicted house arrest that followed. Richard kicked off the party by the hilarious story of how the teenager he was acquired a 4MB hard drive (as huge as a washing machine) and filled it with… ASCII p0rn. Then Richard joined with guitars and they start playing, guess what… rock! They are not named .NET Rocks without a reason. The second half of the evening was guaranteed by a local rock band. I forgot the name, and just remember I was picked by the security team after having tied the laces of the lead singer’s shoes and taken him on my shoulders. Hem. I didn’t know I was so strong. I was happy to wake up fresh enough to give my talk in the first slot of the next morning.

Lesson taken: you don’t want to miss the NDC party, but as the speaker you don’t want the first slot after the party.

I’ll be in London between December 4th and December 6th. If you want to meet up, discuss how you love PostSharp or how it sucks, please contact me and we’ll set up a date. And make sure to attend my talk on Thursday.

Happy PostSharping!



On June 3rd, we announced that we would support those affected by the floods and pledged to donate to a local flood relief fund 50% of all online purchases completed during the state of emergency.

On June 7th, as floods started to subside, we sent $2,000 to Caritas, a well-known charity association.

“It is extremely important that we all band together and support one another during such difficult time. We sincerely appreciate the generosity and community spirit of all donors. Your generous help will enable us to support families affected by the flood in Kralupy and its surroundings,” says Barbora Kovarova, director of the local Caritas of Kralupy nad Vltavou.

For the whole team at PostSharp Technologies, I would like to express our warmest thanks to all customers who contributed to the donation.