Advanced PostSharp From the Horse’s Mouth

Most people know PostSharp for logging or exception handling, but those who dare to go deeper often change the way they think about programming – forever. Delivered by PostSharp’s founder and lead engineer Gael Fraiteur, this course explores the concepts of aspect-oriented programming, explains how to automate the implementation of design patterns, and describes how to validate design rules and architecture. At day’s end, you’ll have a broad understanding of what PostSharp can do for your team.

Even if you decide PostSharp is not for you, you’ll never see software development the same way again.

Event Details

Pre-Conference Workshop at NDC Oslo

Title: Advanced PostSharp From the Horse’s Mouth
Time: Monday June 2nd
Venue: Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway


About the course

The course opens with a quick journey through the history of programming languages and design patterns, then asks the fundamental question: why is it that we think in terms of patterns, and actually design with patterns, but actually abandon that pattern thinking as soon as we start writing code? This sets up the agenda for the whole day:

  • Multithreading: Stop working at an absurdly low level of abstraction. The course takes you into PostSharp’s approach to multithreading: working with compiler-enforced threading design patterns.
  • INotifyPropertyChanged: How to use PostSharp’s ready-made implementation and customize it.
  • Aspect-oriented programming: How to implement automation for your own patterns.
  • PostSharp Aspect Framework: Aspect lifetime and scope, simple aspect types, applying aspects to code.
  • PostSharp Architecture Framework: validating source code and enforcing design rules.

The course contains plenty of real life examples. There’s also lots of time for questions, and the agenda is adapted in real time to the audience’s priorities.

About the "Horse"

Gael started programming as a kid - building and selling his first commercial software at age 12 - and never stopped. He is the Founder and Principal Engineer at PostSharp Technologies, a widely recognized expert in aspect-oriented programming, and he speaks at many developer events in Europe and the United States.

Disclaimer: Gael is not a professional trainer: he’s a horse that carries the design and development load. Choose this course if you want to be inspired by someone who has spent the last 10 years working on programming languages and developer tools.

Key benefits

  • Get inspired and learn to think differently about programming, about design patterns, and about what the compiler can do for you. Take a breath of fresh air, even if you are not going to use PostSharp.
  • Learn how to use ready-made PostSharp Pattern Libraries (threading design patterns and INotifyPropertyChanged).
  • Understand how to automate your own design patterns using aspect-oriented programming.
  • Learn how to automate validation of coding guidelines.
  • Get your questions answered directly by the creator of PostSharp.

Who should attend

Senior Developers, Architects and Team Leaders interested in learning more about PostSharp, or just in seeing programming from a completely different angle.

Registration Information

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