Live Webinar: What's New in PostSharp 4

Discover the new features of PostSharp 4 with the almighty creator of PostSharp, Gael Fraiteur and learn how to make short work of multithreading issues, undo/redo implementation and more during the free live webinar:

Speaker:Gael Fraiteur, Founder and Principal Engineer of PostSharp Technologies
Duration:45 minutes + Q&A session
Time:Pacific Time (US)Central European Time
Nov 24, 2014
10:00AM - 11:00 AM PT
Nov 27, 2014
10:00AM - 11:00 AM CET

In this webinar, Gael Fraiteur will walk you through the new concepts and features in PostSharp 4:

  • Learn how you can add Undo/Redo into your existing application with minimal effort. The examples will feature a simple business-kind application and a more realistic cross-platform visual designer framework.
  • Understand how Threading Models such as Immutable, Synchronized or Actor can make your multithreaded code more robust. Learn the principles between this new pragmatic approach and how you can use it with PostSharp 4.
  • Advanced PostSharp 4 users will appreciate several new features that make it possible to build more elaborate and useful aspects.

The webinar will end with an open-ended Q&A session.

About the speaker, Gael Fraiteur

Gael Fraiteur

Gael has been passionately programming since childhood; building and selling his first commercial software at age 12. He is Founder and Principal Engineer at PostSharp Technologies based in Prague, Czech Republic. Gael is a widely recognized expert in aspect-oriented programming and speaks at developer conferences in Europe and the United States.
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