Patterns Don't Stop at Design - Be a Pattern-Driven Team

Join Gael Fraiteur in Moscow and Saint Petersburg for an evening lecture that will challenge popular dogmas about design patterns and show how design pattern automation is possible today in .NET.

Event Details

Moscow City

Time: Thursday March 12th
Venue: IIDF Hall

St. Petersburg

Time: Monday March 16th
Venue: Ingria Park


About the event

Design patterns are now universally accepted and have significantly improved the way we design software. However, they had relatively little impact on how we implement it. Except rare exceptions like the ‘using’ or ‘lock’ keywords, most patterns must still be implemented by hand, resulting in large quantities of boilerplate code that must be validated by peer review. However, development tools could do a better job by automatically implementing some parts of the pattern, and automatically validating hand-written code against pattern rules. This talk advocates for a better integration of pattern thinking in the whole development cycle. It challenges popular dogmas about design patterns and shows unexpected connections with agile methodologies.

After the break, the talk applies pattern thinking to the problem of thread safety. Back in the 50s, programmers had a very hard time delivering even the simplest features because they had to work at a very low level of abstraction. There was nothing as a variable, field or parameter – just registry or memory cells. After decades of advances in compiler and runtime technologies, people barely think about memory management anymore.

Today, the industry is facing the same issue with multithreading. It is the use of low-level synchronization mechanisms that causes the notorious complexity of multithreaded applications. As in the 50s, we need to raise the level of abstraction to get back into productivity. That’s where patterns enter the game.

Who should attend

Senior Developers, Architects and Team Leaders interested in seeing programming from a completely different angle.

About the speaker, Gael Fraiteur

Gael started programming as a kid and never stopped - building and selling his first commercial software at age 12. He is the Founder and Principal Engineer at PostSharp Technologies, a widely recognized expert in aspect-oriented programming, and speaks at developer events in Europe and the United States.


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