Webinar: What's New in PostSharp 4.3

Discover the updates of PostSharp 4.3 during the webinar with Gael Fraiteur, Founder and CEO at PostSharp Technologies, and see how the new version improves the current experience.

Watch the recording and learn about the improvements included in the new version.

 In this webinar, you will see:

  • Improved debugging experience that allows you to focus on business logic;
  • Solution-wide build optimizations: enable this feature and get up to 2x faster builds;
  • Alternative to NuGet-based deployment: folder-based (zip) distribution; 
  • Command-line tool to invoke PostSharp as an executable.

About the speaker, Gael Fraiteur

Gael Fraiteur

Gael has been passionately programming since childhood; building and selling his first commercial software at age 12. He is Founder and Principal Engineer at PostSharp Technologies based in Prague, Czech Republic. Gael is a widely recognized expert in aspect-oriented programming and speaks at developer conferences in Europe and the United States.
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