Discover the new features and improvements of PostSharp 4.2 during the webinar with Gael Fraiteur, President & Chief Architect at PostSharp Technologies, and see how we dogfooded the new features in a real-world project of ours: PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio. Get ready to see some real code that runs inside your Visual Studio!

In this webinar, you will see:

  • How we dogfooded our threading models into PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio and what we did to make them more usable;
  • Amazing performance improvements in ready-made patterns;
  • Improvements in INotifyPropertyChanged;
  • Compute how many lines of code you save thanks to PostSharp with the brand new PostSharp Metrics feature.

Watch the recording and see the new features and improvements:

What's New in PostSharp 4.2 on Vimeo.


About the speaker, Gael Fraiteur

Gael Fraiteur

Gael has been passionately programming since childhood; building and selling his first commercial software at age 12. He is President and Chief Architect at PostSharp Technologies based in Prague, Czech Republic. Gael is a widely recognized expert in aspect-oriented programming and speaks at developer conferences in Europe and the United States.


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Mario Noack
Mario Noack
2/17/2016 12:03:22 PM #

Is there a recorded video of this webcast available?

Thanks, Mario

Gael Fraiteur
Gael Fraiteur
2/17/2016 12:32:59 PM #

Yes, the recording will be published after the second run of the webinar and we will update this blog post.

2/22/2016 2:03:53 PM #

Hello, I would like just to say that is nice to be informed from a webinar for all the new nice things but please next time from someone who talks english with a better pronunciation. Thank you.

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