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Olaf got me in the game. He decided to loose my time. For the things you know, my personal marketing material is on But shhht, that's for headhunters! Five things you don't know about me?
  1. I have lived 3 years in ex-Zaire (current R.D. Congo). How not to get bored when school ends at 1 PM? At the age of 11, I felt too old to play the whole afternoon in the swimming pool. Hopefully my father brought a computer home and I could start... programming.
  2. I don't have any wisdom tooth. Maybe I am not wise enough.
  3. As Olaf, I don't have the driving license. The difference is that I am older (28) and have two children. And a wife, but I don't have to bear her.
  4. I got respected by my Czech colleagues when I started to speak as vulgarly as them. It took me three years of full immersion to reach this level of linguistic refinement.
  5. I know 'personally' really little bloggers. Less than five! So I have to tag people I don't even know.
I suppose these read my blog: Miha Markic, Alex Yakunin, JB Evain I would add Per but he does not blog... I just hope I will not get damned for having partially broken the chain!

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