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AOP/PostSharp Workshops

As a part of their general policies, many companies organize regular workshops to introduce their employees to new technologies and approaches.

As the creators of PostSharp, Coding Glove can give you a unique introduction to aspect-oriented programming (AOP) directly from the horse's mouth. Our workshops are not limited to PostSharp, but give keys to understand the foundations of AOP and to the differences in major frameworks (Spring.NET, Castle, MS PIA, PostSharp).

We always use excellently prepared materials and flavor them according to customer's specific expectations.

For public .NET user groups and code camps, we can provide this workshop or conference sessions for free.

PostSharp Consultancy & Mentoring

Did you decide to use PostSharp in your project but want to be sure to use it the best? Coding Glove can offer you decisive short-term help:

  • design review,
  • code review,
  • complex custom development,
  • mentoring

High-Profile .NET Consultancy

Do you need a top talent on your project for a few days? With its proved expertise in .NET programming and software architecture, Coding Glove can probably help.


If you are interested by any of Coding Glove's services or have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@codingglove.com.

All services can be provided in English, French or Czech (we read Dutch, also).

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