Policy Injection

Policy Injection

The term Policy Injection has been introduced recently by the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Team (see the blog of Ed Jeziersky and Tom Hollander) to designate what is fundamentally Aspect-Oriented Programming.

When asked why the name Policy Injection and not AOP, Ed answers:

... the reality is most of our customers have not heard of AOP or AOSD. Please put yourself in their shoes for a second. We wanted a name that was reflective of the use and benefit the block brings, rather than using an unfamiliar term that only the exceptions understand. We also wanted to have no implicit expectations on the design that may be inherited from AO solutions.

So Policy Injection is AOP, or at least a part of it. The reason why Microsoft did not choose the term AOP seems to be that AOP could have been perceived as a boring academic concept, which was fashionable in the .NET community about year 2003.

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