Programmatic Tipping

Aspects can be added to fields, methods and types programmatically, i.e. using a compiled imperative programming language.

PostSharp Laos uses this approach for Compound Aspects. Here is an example from the Binding Sample:

public override void ProvideAspects(object targetElement, 
    LaosReflectionAspectCollection collection)
  // Get the target type.  Type targetType = (Type) targetElement;
  // On the type, add a Composition aspect to implement 
  // the IBindable interface.

  collection.AddAspect(targetType, new AddBindableInterfaceSubAspect());   

  // Add a OnMethodBoundaryAspect on each writable non-static property.  
  foreach (PropertyInfo property in targetType.GetProperties())  
     if (property.DeclaringType == targetType &&
          property.CanWrite )   
          MethodInfo method = property.GetSetMethod();               
          if (!method.IsStatic)      
                    new OnPropertySetSubAspect(property.Name, this));    

Programmatic tipping is also by high-level code weavers that assemble aspects from many low-level advices.

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