PostSharp Support

PostSharp is used daily by thousands of professional .NET developers around the world. This web site is the place they meet, exchange ideas, or seek or offer help.

Community Support

  • Issue Tracker: to report well-identified bugs. Note that only bugs reported by commercial customers are processed with high priority. We usually process community-reported bugs by batch according to our work schedule.
  • Message Board: to share ideas or offer/seek help. Note that Coding Glove does not monitor this message board on a daily basis.

Commercial Support

Coding Glove, the company behind PostSharp, offers professional support to its commercial customers. If community-grade support is not enough for you, consider getting a commercial license.

  • Standard Support is accessible to all commercial customers and provides email-based and CRM-backed case solving, as well as priority bug fixes.
  • Gold Support is the highest possible level of support, where we will use all possible technologies (phone, remote assistance) to assist you. Gold support is charged per hour.

Sales Support

For all inquiries related to the purchase process (ordering, invoicing, licensing, ...), contact sales support.

Other Services

To help you boosting your implementation, or to participate in your employee training effort, Coding Glove proposes high-profile training and consultancy on PostSharp and .NET. Read more.


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