VIP Content

VIP Content

If you want to present PostSharp to your user group or at a conference, we can help you with presentation material. Please register as a VIP member.

Who can be a VIP member?

VIP members are all UG team leaders, conference organizers, speakers, or technical writers.

How to become a VIP member?

You have to register on our forum, then request for membership using the private messaging facility. Please describe the reason why you are eligible and a link to a public page proving your claim.

What is in the VIP section?

Presentation material for speakers (PowerPoint slides and code samples).

Why is this material not public?

Put yourself in the audience's shoes. Would you want to served a talk that is publically available on the internet? Surely not. However, it is impossible to make new slides for every talk. Therefore we make them available for speakers so they can get inspired and copy-paste some figures, while keeping track of what was delivered to which audience.

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