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Date Contribution Contributor
6/9/2021 How to validate method parameters using PostSharp in C# Joydip Kanjilal
2/5/2021 Supercharged .NET Core Logging With The PostSharp Logging Framework Wade Gausden
2/3/2021 Argo Data Logging Solution using PostSharp and NLog Randall Woodman
12/10/2020 Simplifying Multithreaded Scenarios With PostSharp Threading Wade Gausden
11/12/2020 How to Intercept WebMethods in .NET Joshua Howard
10/29/2020 How AOP can make our life easy using PostSharp Idan Avitan
9/16/2020 How to revolutionize security, during your free time Simone Curzi
8/26/2020 Finding slow methods with PostSharp Logging and Microsoft Log Parser Marko Padjen
2/29/2020 .NET Method Caching Jamie Phillips
10/18/2019 Caching and Connection Handling in .NET: An Aspect-Oriented Programming Tutorial Marko Padjen
7/3/2019 Distributed Caching in .NET Core with PostSharp and Redis Tugberk Ugurlu
6/7/2019 Exception Handling and Telemetry with PostSharp, Application Insights, and Grafana Alexander Johnston
5/4/2019 Declarative Coding Approach to Caching in .NET Core with PostSharp Tugberk Ugurlu
2/8/2019 Automating .NET Core Services with PostSharp and Aspect-Oriented Code Alexander Johnston
9/4/2017 Using PostSharp Interceptors Simon Timms
7/17/2017 Use of AOP in Cross Cutting Aspect of Error Handling Crystal Tenn
3/24/2017 How to measure the execution time using PostSharp Joydip Kanjilal
3/20/2017 PostSharp Kevin Wallis
10/16/2016 Interception in .NET – Part 3: Static Interception Ricardo Peres
10/9/2016 AOP in C# with SOLID Yacoub Massad
7/24/2016 Writing your first Aspect with Postsharp in C# Ignacio Rigoni
5/13/2016 Adventures in Azure: Tech Tour Michael DeMond
5/12/2016 How to solidify your application's code using PostSharp Joydip Kanjilal
4/26/2016 Dependency Injection using Ninject and PostSharp Christoffel Truter
4/20/2016 Design for Latency issues Yan Cui
4/15/2016 AOP - A Brief Look at PostSharp Christoffel Truter
3/25/2016 How to program using PostSharp in C# Joydip Kanjilal
3/3/2016 My two cents on AOP Joydip Kanjilal
1/13/2016 DRY Exception Handling with PostSharp Alex Code
1/3/2016 PostSharp Features Luiz Bon
11/22/2015 OnMethodBoundaryAspect Luiz Bon
11/15/2015 Meet PostSharp Luiz Bon
11/4/2015 Logging database and web service calls with PostSharp Malvin Ly
9/16/2015 The magic of AOP with PostSharp Alon Rotem
7/31/2015 Aspectos en C# con Postsharp Ignacio Rigoni
7/16/2015 Simplifying Logging With PostSharp Tim Long
7/7/2015 PostSharp AssemblyLoadException for Newtonsoft.Json David Donaldson
6/17/2015 Developer perspective: AOP with PostSharp Frederik Williams
4/20/2015 Design for Latency issues Yan Cui
4/13/2015 AOP Contracts with PostSharp Jared Barneck
3/20/2015 One-liner to localization with PostSharp Yan Cui
3/18/2015 Dependency injection with PostSharp David Green
3/11/2015 Eliminating the Random Factor in UI Tests Jesse Mäkinen
2/24/2015 Stay DRY with PostSharp Jaspalsinh Chauhan
2/4/2015 Using IL Weaving (PostSharp) for a cleaner code (AOP) Aram Koukia
1/11/2015 MVVM and Threading David Green
11/25/2014 Resolving PageIDs in Episerver Marvin Brouwer
11/10/2014 Undo/Redo a Multi Threadingové Programování Martin Dybal
11/5/2014 Exception Handling using PostSharp Michael Louis
11/5/2014 Multicast PostSharp Aspects C# Michael Louis
11/3/2014 A Look at ETW Kim Johnson
9/18/2014 Using an Interceptor for a cleaner code (AOP) Aram Koukia
9/14/2014 Metricano – simplifying application monitoring Yan Cui
8/25/2014 MVXNotifyProperty Aspect using PostSharp Ahmed Fouad
8/17/2014 Humanize Your Messages with Humanizer & PostSharp Ahmed Fouad
8/15/2014 PostSharp Logging and Fundamentals with C# Alex Chan
8/6/2014 Aspektově orientované programování – INPC Martin Dybal
8/6/2014 Automatic property default value using PostSharp Ahmed Fouad
7/18/2014 Property injection with Autofac Hans Leautaud
7/14/2014 Aspektově orientované programování – Logování Martin Dybal
7/8/2014 Aspektově orientované programování - Úvod Martin Dybal
7/3/2014 Vielen Dank an PostSharp Jan Oliver Rüdiger
6/28/2014 Announcing libraries for C# and F# to make it easier to integrate with Sentry Yan Cui
6/9/2014 Aspect Oriented Programming Using C# and PostSharp Reza Ahmadi
5/31/2014 PostSharp and Excel-DNA Jiri Pik
5/28/2014 PostSharpin' - Part 3 Kim Johnson
5/5/2014 PostSharpin' - Part 2 Kim Johnson
5/4/2014 AOP – A story of how we localized a MMORPG with minimal effort Yan Cui
5/2/2014 AOP and PostSharp Radu Vunvulea
4/25/2014 PostSharpin' - Part 1 Kim Johnson
3/12/2014 Telemetrie für Apps mit Application Insights und AOP Daniel Meixner
2/16/2014 Executing on the Background Thread with PostSharp Pete Shearer
2/8/2014 Parameter Checking with PostSharp Pete Shearer
2/3/2014 My Intro to AOP with PostSharp Pete Shearer
1/29/2014 Aspect Oriented Programming with Matthew Groves Matthew Groves
1/27/2014 PostSharp and bindingRedirect Matthew Groves
1/7/2014 A Short Review of PostSharp Dana Fujikawa
12/16/2013 Easy Caching with C# and PostSharp Rafid Abdullah
12/3/2013 Transparent Encryption of Properties in .NET, Part 1: The Foundation Joe Kuemerle
11/17/2013 Aspect Oriented Programming: AOP and You Brad Huett
11/3/2013 EPiServer Cache Aspect Jeroen Stemerdink
9/29/2013 Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) applied to .Net using PostSharp Eric Moreau
7/31/2013 Unterstützung eingeworben – Vielen Dank an PostSharp Jan Oliver Rüdiger
7/17/2013 Why You Should Be Using Aspect-Oriented Programming Matthew Groves
6/11/2013 Using PostSharp to Add ServiceStack Route Attributes Joe Kampschmidt
5/6/2013 AOP in C# with PostSharp - Logging Aspect Example Ravi Singh
3/14/2013 INotifyPropertyChanged con PostSharp en aplicaciones de la Tienda Windows Alex Casquete
3/11/2013 Battle of the INotifyPropertyChanged Techniques Chad England
2/23/2013 AOP – string interning with PostSharp attribute Yan Cui
2/9/2013 Repository Caching with Aspect Oriented Programming Bernie Cook
1/15/2013 Using PostSharp to monitor WebServices Calls (deployed via TeamCity to Azure) Dinis Cruz
1/4/2013 Mitigate The Billion Dollar Mistake with Aspects Phil Haack
11/19/2012 Concurrent Sortable Collections and AOP Darek Danielewski
11/16/2012 Leveraging MemoryCache and AOP for Expensive Calls Darek Danielewski
11/11/2012 PostSharp & SmartInspect Uli Armbruster
9/10/2012 ,NET Deadlock Detection with PostSharp Jonathan Allen
9/1/2012 Aspect-Oriented Programming with PostSharp Joe Kunk
8/16/2012 Use PostSharp Aspects Across Multiple Projects in a Solution Chad England
8/14/2012 Mocking Methods and Properties Using PostSharp Max Yang
8/13/2012 Resigning Copy-Paste Coding Paul Hodgson
8/11/2012 Finding Bad Controllers With AOP Joe Kuemerle
8/8/2012 Enhancing ASP.NET MVC Security with AOP Joe Kuemerle
8/1/2012 This Week on Code Hoarders: De-clutter Your Codebase with Aspect Oriented Programming Joe Kuemerle
7/23/2012 Gael Fraiteur on Aspect-Oriented Programming David Giard
7/20/2012 Simplifying Logging In Your Application with PostSharp and AOP Fernando Zamora
7/5/2012 Meet the Author: Donald Belcham on PostSharp Fundamentals Donald Belcham
6/16/2012 AOP – Implementing a lazy loading property in C# with PostSharp Jared Barneck
6/15/2012 AOP – Implementing try catch in C# with PostSharp Jared Barneck
6/10/2012 AOP – Tracing methods in C# with PostSharp Jared Barneck
5/31/2012 PostSharp, Obfuscation, and IL Simon Cooper
3/29/2012 Excluding Code Coverage with PostSharp Matt Weber
3/17/2012 Validating Generic Method Parameters with PostSharp Matt Weber
3/12/2012 Silverlight Navigation: Get rid of the view-model-locator Mauro Servienti
3/1/2012 Intro to Aspect Oriented Programming with PostSharp, Part 2 Chad England
2/11/2012 How PostSharp has improved my ability to follow SRP Chad England
2/8/2012 Intro to Aspect Oriented Programming with PostSharp, Part 1 Chad England
1/26/2012 Pseudo RealTime performance monitoring with AOP and AWS CloudWatch Yan Cui
1/23/2012 An Introduction To Practical AOP Using PostSharp Brady Gaster
1/19/2012 Adding 'beforefieldinit' Support to Custom Advice with PostSharp Matt Weber
1/17/2012 Creating a Custom PostSharp Aspect (with MSIL Transformation) Marcin Mikołajczak
1/8/2012 Writing Minidumps with PostSharp Aspects Marcin Mikołajczak
11/18/2011 Validating Method Parameters with PostSharp Matt Weber
11/6/2011 List executed code using PostSharp Dror Helper
11/3/2011 DevForce Code First with AOP Ward Bell
10/30/2011 My presentation on AOP in .NET with PostSharp Zubair Ahmed
10/24/2011 Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET with PostSharp Paul Fryer
9/22/2011 Aspect powered WPF Steven Jeuris
9/21/2011 Attribute metabehavior Steven Jeuris
9/7/2011 Enabling parameterized tests in MSTest using PostSharp. Dror Helper
8/30/2011 NDecision Brady Gaster
8/16/2011 Write Compact and Functional Code with BFsharp Michael Mac
8/16/2011 Exposing internal methods in 3rd party assemblies for external use Dustin Davis
8/13/2011 New in PostSharp 2.1: Architectural Validation Matthew Groves
8/2/2011 Introducing NDecision.Aspects Brady Gaster
8/1/2011 PostSharp: Why are my arguments null?! Dustin Davis
7/27/2011 Developers Guild AOP and PostSharp Presentation Brady Gaster
7/22/2011 Use PostSharp to Easily Allow MiniProfiler to Profile Your ASP.NET Application Bryan Migliorisi
7/15/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 15 - Introducing Members & Interfaces Part 2 Dustin Davis
7/14/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 14 – Introducing Members and Interfaces Part 1 Dustin Davis
7/13/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 13 - Aspect Providers Part 2 Dustin Davis
7/12/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 12 – Aspect Providers Part 1 Dustin Davis
7/11/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 11 – EventInterceptionAspect Dustin Davis
7/9/2011 FluentValidation and PostSharp for RESTful WCF parameter validation – Part 4 Naeem Khedarun
7/8/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 10 - Aspect Lifetime & Scope Part 2 Dustin Davis
7/8/2011 FluentValidation and PostSharp for RESTful WCF parameter validation – Part 3 Naeem Khedarun
7/7/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 9 - Aspect Lifetime & Scope Part 1 Dustin Davis
7/7/2011 FluentValidation and PostSharp for RESTful WCF parameter validation – Part 2 Naeem Khedarun
7/6/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 8 - Interception Aspects Part 2 Dustin Davis
7/6/2011 FluentValidation and PostSharp for RESTful WCF parameter validation – Part 1 Naeem Khedarun
7/5/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 7 - Interception Aspects Part 1 Dustin Davis
7/4/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 6 - Your code after PostSharp Dustin Davis
7/1/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 5 - Visual Studio Add-ins Dustin Davis
6/30/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 4 - OnMethodBoundaryAspect Dustin Davis
6/29/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 3 - Applying Aspects with Multicasting Part 2 Dustin Davis
6/28/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 2 - Applying Aspects with Multicasting Part 1 Dustin Davis
6/27/2011 PostSharp Principles: Day 1 – OnExceptionAspect Dustin Davis
6/27/2011 [German] AOP.NET User Group Rhein-Neckar Downloads Johannes Hoppe
6/22/2011 Autowire DataContext in WPF MVVM with AOP Robert Blixt
5/12/2011 Clear Cross-Cutting Concerns with Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET Eric Vogel
5/10/2011 Attribute Based Caching with PostSharp. Paul Stack
5/8/2011 PostSharp Christophe Geers
4/27/2011 AOP - caching with PostSharp Neil Duncan
4/5/2011 PostSharp and JustMock side by side. Mehfuz Hossain
3/23/2011 5 Ways That PostSharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Transaction Management Matthew Groves
3/22/2011 PostSharp – Aspect-Oriented Programming Rocks. Elias Puurunen
3/15/2011 5 Ways That PostSharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Authorization Matthew Groves
3/8/2011 How to add PostSharp to your C# project in 60 seconds (a simple AOP introduction). Steven Hollidge
3/3/2011 5 Ways That Postsharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Logging and Auditing Matthew Groves
2/16/2011 5 Ways That Postsharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Caching Matthew Groves
2/11/2011 PostSharp 2.0 and TeamCity Integration. Paul Stack
2/9/2011 5 Ways That Postsharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Lazy Loading of Dependencies Matthew Groves
2/9/2011 [German] VSone: AOP-Prasentation am 17.02.2011 in Unterschleissheim/Munchen Johannes Hoppe
2/7/2011 How to ignore thrown exceptions Dror Helper
2/6/2011 Unit Tests - The Rent Is Too Damn High Johannes Hoppe
1/25/2011 Non-intrusive Logging with PostSharp and EntLib V5 Graham McDonald
1/10/2011 PostSharp - AOP for .NET Marcus King
12/23/2010 Revisiting My PostSharp TraceAttribute Class. Michael Collins
12/19/2010 MonoDroid with PostSharp Matthew Groves
12/7/2010 [PostSharp] Ease the creation of configuration sections - Update Michael DELVA
11/10/2010 Discovering race conditions using PostSharp Dror Helper
10/25/2010 First look at Postsharp AOP framework for .NET Richard Fennell
10/8/2010 AOP — Enforce initialization with PostSharp Yan Cui
8/4/2010 .Net Tips — Restricting attribute usage to specific type Yan Cui
3/16/2010 AOP — FIFO Memoizer with PostSharp Yan Cui
3/11/2010 AOP — Method execution time watcher with PostSharp Yan Cui
3/3/2010 .Net Tips — use DebuggerStepThrough attribute Yan Cui
1/10/2010 Buzzword Buster — AOP Yan Cui
1/7/2010 Buzzword Buster – Cross-Cutting Concern Yan Cui
12/26/2009 Aspect Oriented Programming in .Net using PostSharp Yan Cui