Andrei Gordienkov

Andrey Gordienkov is the .NET Evangelist at NPTV where he validates the framework's public API, writes documentation about the framework and How To guides for early adopters. He is also an IT trainer at the Luxoft Training Center. Most of the trainings are related to the enterprise architecture, code design and best practices. For instance, how to use TDD, how to do refactoring, how to create responsive apps, and so on. Andrey actively takes part in local conferences in Moscow and shares ideas in his personal blog.

Why have you chosen PostSharp?

I am an innovator and I opted for PostSharp from the very first version. I really felt in love with PostSharp because it helps me reduce the amount of work I have to do on a regular basis. It’s also fascinating to search for new areas where PostSharp can help as well. I’m very lazy as every good programmer should be, and PostSharp helps me keep my laziness on a good level. I have very low tolerance to the boilerplate code, and when I see how other coders implement INPC or the memento or some other repeatable non-business code, I become angry. “Hulk crush!”.

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Speaking Engagements

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