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PostSharp Logo Kit (contains PostSharp logos in ai, .pdf and .png format) ZIP
PostSharp Reviewer's Guide (product overview for press and media) PDF
White Paper: 10 Reasons You Must Consider Pattern-Aware Programming PDF
White Paper: Threading Models for OOP PDF
Case Study: PostSharp helps Siemens Audiology to complete features faster PDF
Case Study: Gamesys improves productivity with PostSharp PDF
Case Study: MobileX AG improves code maintainability PDF
Case Study: Mitchell saves thousands of lines of code PDF


Implementing a pattern can be as easy as selecting an action in the Visual Studio lightbulb.

A look of the wizard that helps add logging to your project.

The tooltips show you which aspects have been applied to your code.

PostSharp Explorer shows which aspects are present in your solution and to which targets they have been applied.

PostSharp Metrics tool window shows how many lines of code you wrote manually and how many you probably saved thanks to PostSharp.