Real World AOP Usage with Ward Bell from IdeaBlade

Our friends at IdeaBlade join us for a very special webinar, dealing with real world AOP usage. Our guest, V.P. of Technology at IdeaBlade, Mr. Ward Bell, did an excellent job explaining and demonstrating how Aspect-Oriented Programming and PostSharp helps creating clutter-free data access, using their flagship product, DevForce.

DevForce uses PostSharp to infuse “Code First” entity model classes - entities like Customer and Order – with rich behaviors that go way beyond property change notification. You write entities with simple getters and setters; after PostSharp, they support property validation, entity navigation, lazy loading, dirty tracking, and UI data binding.

During the webinar you will learn:

• How IdeaBlade uses PostSharp to achieve important product goals
• Which alternatives to PostSharp the company considered, and rejected
• What initially worried IdeaBlade about using AOP and PostSharp
• Where IdeaBlade is planning to go next with PostSharp

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