Pseudo Real Time Performance Monitoring with AOP and AWS CloudWatch

Yan is a server-side developer at GameSys' social gaming division, iwi, in London.

Yan will show us how he combines the power of AOP and the Amazon CloudWatch service to monitor the min, max, and average execution times of methods in pseudo-real time, down to 1 minute intervals, aggregated across hundreds of servers, cheaply and all with a single line of code!

During the webinar you will learn:
• How to determine method execution time using a custom attribute;
• How to collate method execution results and push them to Amazon CloudWatch;
• How to use Amazon's web management console to monitor the performance of all the methods to which the attribute has been applied.
Besides method execution times, learn how Yan's team at iwi monitors error counts (grouped by specific error codes and shown as individual metrics) and how they setup alarms and notifications in CloudWatch to keep things running smoothly.

Discover how using AOP and AWS CloudWatch enables the team at iwi to:
• Identify areas to focus optimization efforts;
• See effects of changes reflected in metrics immediately; and
• Be notified early when there are problems.

Following Yan's presentation, Igal Tabachnik will give a first-look at the PostSharp Diagnostics Toolkit and demonstrate how it can add ready-made diagnostics features, such as logging, to your applications without impacting your source code.

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