Taming Brownfield Codebases with AOP

In this episode of PostSharp Live Webinar, Donald Belcham speaks about one of the largest challenges faced on Brownfield projects:

Adding project-wide functionality to a codebase.

The difficulty comes from the tangled nature of Brownfield codebases. Finding all the locations where the functionality is needed is one thing. The bigger issue is, how do you add the new functionality without altering existing APIs or, worse, introducing defects?

This webinar looks at the techniques and tools that you can use to add functionality to less than inviting codebases.

Viewers will learn:

* Options for adding non-functional requirements
* Areas of risk when adding non-functional requirements
* Use of IL Weaving to add non-functional requirements
* IL Weaving granularity

The presentation ends with a short Q&A where Donald and Gael Fraiteur answer questions about migrating large brownfield projects to greenfield, transaction rollback issues, the impact of Rosyln on tools like PostSharp, etc.

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