PostSharp makes .NET languages stronger

Automate Implementation and Validation of Patterns


Eliminate the INotifyPropertyChanged boilerplate and focus on business.

  • Massive code reduction.
  • Consistent and reliable implementation.
  • Customizable to your needs.


Give your users the familiar Undo/Redo experience without breaking the bank.

  • Undo/Redo any object state change.
  • Handle multiple changes as one step.
  • Expose in the UI with built-in or custom controls.

Code Contracts

Protect your code from invalid inputs with custom attributes.

  • Works consistently on fields, properties or parameters.
  • Rich built-in contracts.
  • Extensible.


Add comprehensive logging to your app without impact on source code.

  • Super easy. You'll be done in minutes.
  • Multi-Framework Support
  • High Performance

Thread Safety

Make your C# or VB applications thread-safe without rewriting them.

  • Decreased Complexity
  • Faster feedback
  • Take control

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Build automation for your own patterns to reduce development effort and improve architecture.

  • Amplify developer skills
  • Build custom patterns
  • Exceptional performance

Architecture Validation

Validate your design at each build against standard and custom rules.

  • Code level declaration
  • Compile time feedback
  • Customizable rules

Visual Studio Tooling

Get started faster and find clarity
when things become more complex.

  • Easily add patterns to your code.
  • Visualize and understand where and how patterns are used in your code

.NET Framework
Windows Phone
Windows Store
Xamarin iOS
Xamarin Android

Broad Platform Support

PostSharp supports most members of the .NET family:

  • Desktop
  • Server
  • Mobile

Download PostSharp

Install PostSharp from Visual Studio Gallery. A single download includes all features of all editions.
After the 45-day trial, you can choose to buy the product or to use the free PostSharp Express.