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Gael Fraiteur
President & Chief Architect

Alex Dolin
Software Engineer

Antonin Prochazka
Software Engineer

Iveta Moldavcuk
Partner Manager

Live Demo by a PostSharp Engineer

Schedule a personal online demonstration and find out how your team can benefit from using PostSharp.

Personal Meeting

During the demo, we can cover the topics that interest you most and you will have a chance to:

  1. See the major concepts behind PostSharp;
  2. See the tool in action during live coding examples;
  3. Ask our engineer specific questions on how PostSharp can help you in your projects;
  4. Discuss licensing and deployment options.

The demo and the discussion that follows are free of charge and you're welcome to invite your colleagues. Please fill in your details and we will contact you to schedule the session.

Proof-of-Concept Assistance

After discussing your needs during the meeting, we're happy to speak with you about more ways we can help you build a proof-of-concept, including prototyping custom aspects or architecture validations.

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