Metalama [Essentials]

A free edition of Metalama to start hacking with meta-programming.

  • Use a rich set of features for free from projects of any size.
  • Use all premium features in up to 2 aspects per project.
  • Use any community aspect for free without limitation.

What's in and what's not?

Free Features

  • Use a rich but limited set of features in an unlimited number of aspects
  • No limitation of team or project size.
  • Use premium features in 2 aspect classes per project.
  • Use any community-built aspect even if it uses premium features.

Premium Features

  • Add aspects in bulk using fabrics, inheritance, or children aspects.
  • Debug or export the transformed code.
  • Code fixes and live templates are limited to 10 uses per day.

See the detailed feature matrix.
How to switch to Metalama Essentials.

Get started with Metalama.