WPF Pack

The right set of tools to create a WPF application fast and easy.

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  • Heavy-duty controls like diagramming, scheduling, reporting, spreadsheets, data views, charts, gauges, maps.
  • A collection of smaller UI controls, including a dock control.
  • Intuitive API, comprehensive documentation, numerous samples and first-class technical support.



Build every type of diagram, flowchart, graph, tree, hierarchy, schema and much more.

  • More than 100 predefined node shapes as well as custom shapes.

  • Completely customizable appearance.

  • More than 15 automatic graph layout algorithms.

  • Clipboard support, undo/redo operations, zoom and scroll.



The easy way to add Excel-like functionality to your application.

  • Import and export from/to XLSX, ODS and CSV files.

  • Charts, images, annotations.

  • Multiple auxiliary forms.

  • Clipboard support, undo/redo operations, virtualized scrolling.

  • Workbooks with multiple sheets.



Beautiful, interactive schedules that let your users organize their days, time or project resources.

  • Six calendar views: single month, month range, list, resource, timetable, week range.

  • Activity and resource Gantt charts.

  • Recurring events, item reminders.

  • In-place editing of items, interactive item creation and modification.



A reliable tool can generate any type of report including invoices, tickets and more.

  • Supports all .NET data sources.

  • Report items include bar codes, pie charts, pictures, separators.

  • The report designer provides easy WYSIWYG interface for designing reports.

  • Header and footer elements.

  • Nested data sets.

Charting and Gauges


Data visualization controls that give meaning to numbers.

  • Various 2D and 3D charts, surface and financial charts.

  • Linear and oval gauges with many ready-to-use samples available.

  • Multiple legends, multiple X and Y axes, chart grid.

  • Unlimited number of data series, DateTime values, data binding.

Virtual Keyboard


Your desktop application can accept key input the way a mobile device does.

  • Three built-in modes: standard, extended and compact.

  • Custom layout and image keys.

  • Support for IME mode and CJK languages.

  • Keyboard creator tool, 9 predefined color themes.


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