Subscription Renewals

Renewal Policies

PostSharp subscription lasts for a 12 months period. Upon expiration of your subscription, you can renew your license for an additional 12 months at the prices listed in the table below. On-time renewal is substantially lower than your first-year subscription cost.

To continue to receive new features, performance enhancements, upgrades, bug fixes and support make sure to renew your plan each year.

  • Early renewal - before your subscription expiration
  • Standard renewal - up to 60 days after your subscription expiration
  • Welcome back renewal - up to 1 year after your subscription expiration

Time of renewal Price
Early renewal 60% of license price
Standard renewal 70% of license price
Welcome back renewal 85% of license price

If your subscription is expired for more than 1 year, you are no longer eligible for the renewal prices.

In order to renew your subscription, please go to your customer account.