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Understand the need for pattern-aware compilers.

10 Reasons You MUST Consider Pattern-Aware Programming

Developers spend up to 20% of their time writing repetitive code that machines could generate more reliably. Automate the boring side of programming and get a 19x ROI.

Within this document we discuss the problem of duplicated source code, also known as the notorious boilerplate code that stems from manual implementation of patterns.

We challenge the notion that patterns in software development are limited to architecture and design but do not apply to the implementation itself. Instead, we assert that the absence of support for patterns in programming languages is a chief cause of boilerplate code. We propose introducing support for patterns into mainstream programming languages—a concept we name pattern-aware compiler extensions.

This guide is written for all organizations for which software development is critical, but that struggle with high development cost, long time to market, poor quality (even random defects) and shortage of qualified engineers (with the need for engineers to do meaningful work, not repeating mundane tasks). It is especially written for CTOs, software architects and senior developers in software-driven organizations— specifically in financial, insurance, healthcare, energy and IT industries.

Threading Models for Object-Oriented Programming

Understand the concepts and rationales behind PostSharp Threading Models, and how they could be applied to other object-oriented languages.