Subscription Renewals

Renewal Policies

You can renew your maintenance subscription for 1 year at 40% of the license price, for 2 years at 70% of the license price, for 3 years at 100% of the license price.

Duration Price
1 Year 40% of license price
2 Years 70% of license price
3 Years 100% of license price

There is no penalty for renewing your subscription after it has expired, but the new subscription will start the same day as the old subscription ended (not the day you ordered the new subscription).

Please contact us to:

  • upgrade to PostSharp Ultimate or PostSharp Enterprise from a lower edition,
  • consolidate your subscriptions,
  • ask any question.


In order to identify your customer account, please enter any of your license keys. We will then display the list of eligible upgrades and renewals.

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