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This page describes our vision of PostSharp for the next months. Note that date projections are nothing more than ballpark estimates.
Nothing in this page is legally binding. You should not rely on this roadmap for serious decision making.

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PostSharp 5.0 (Q4 2016)

This release will add new ready-made patterns and will support running .NET Core on Linux and Mac.

  • Support for .NET Core as a runtime platform (including ASP.NET Core).
  • Complete redesign of our Logging aspect, with the following features:

    • Fully customizable design, with ability to easily add custom back-ends.
    • Ability to assign the back-end at run-time.
    • Support for custom object formatters.
    • Support for .NET Framework, Windows Phone, WinRT, Xamarin, CoreCLR, Mono.
    • Support for back-ends: NLog, Log4Net, ETW, Common.Logging, Enterprise Library Semantic Logging, Serilog, Xamarin Insight, Application Insights, ASP.NET v5, System.Diagnostics.
    • Log method calls with arguments.
    • Log changes in fields or properties.
    • Log method execution time.
    • Warning when method execution time is high.
  • Enterprise aspects, including:

    • Caching aspect (with support of the most popular implementations),
    • Performance metrics (with support of the most popular back-ends),
    • Transaction Scope,
    • Circuit Breaker,
    • Wait-and-Retry,
    • Throttling,
    • Timeout,
  • MVVM aspects, including:

    • Command,
    • Dependency Property.
  • Miscellaneous:

    • Memoize,
    • Event Aggregator,
    • Weak Event,
    • OnException and LogException: implement with filter to preserve the call stack,
    • Contracts - Ability to customize exception types,
    • Support for NuGet 3.
  • Async OnMethodBoundaryAspect:

    • Expose awaited Task,
    • Set return value and control flow.

PostSharp 5.1 (Q1 2017)

  • Support for UWP,
  • Support for .NET Native,
  • Build on .NET Core,
  • Metrics

Note that none in this page is legally binding. We may change the roadmap without notice.

PostSharp 6.0

In this release, we plan to implement a new family of advices that have lower (almost zero) run-time performance impact.

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