PostSharp comes with a comprehensive conceptual and API reference documentation.

Online Documentation

A comprehensive documentation with conceptual topics, how-tos, and API reference documentation.


Try Metalama in your browser without installing anything. Write an aspect in the online sandbox, apply it to some code, and see the transformed code.

What's New

We're constantly working on improving PostSharp and providing support for the latest platforms.

Getting Started

Step 1. Try the Ready-Made Patterns

The best way to get started is to select the scenario that makes the most sense for you and to follow the walkthrough.

Step 2. Look at the Samples

Step 2. Check Out the Open-Source Contributions

Use open-source add-ins for free or create and contribute you own. See all add-ins here.

Step 3. Automate Your Own Patterns

These fruits are hanging a bit higher, but they are very tasty. Learn to automate the implementation or validation of your own patterns.