Clean Code.
Strict Architecture.
Zero Boilerplate.

The proven MSIL-based
aspect-oriented framework for C# to reduce boilerplate and architecture erosion.

  • Reduce boilerplate: Generate repetitive code dynamically during build.
  • Aspect libraries: Don't waste time reinventing the wheel. We've already implemented the most common aspects.
  • Rock-solid: Our solution has successfully served thousands of companies since 2005.

How does it work?

1. Add the PostSharp package to your project and annotate code with [CustomAttributes].

2. The C# or VB compiler builds your code into binaries.

3. PostSharp analyzes the binary and injects the implementation of the aspects.

4. Your app, production-ready

At run time, both your business logic and the aspects are seamlessly executed. Your source code remains crystal clear.

Success stories

Siemens Audiology
ATS Global

Siemens Audiology

Siemens Audiology saved 15% development time plus improved code readability by removing unwanted boilerplate code.

When the team at Siemens Audiology was tasked with building a new WPF implementation for two of its leading hearing system software applications, a big challenge was to find a way to save coding time for developers implementing ViewModels while increasing code readability.


ATS Global

ATS Global saves 16% lines of code.

When the team at ATS Global needed to build a complex shop floor simulation, they faced the challenge of potential multithreading issues and the complexity of writing synchronization code.

The team turned to PostSharp and was able to write thread-safe code without training all team members in advanced multithreading and delivered required features with 16% fewer lines of code.


Thales Information Systems

Thales is more focused on business logic.

When the team at Thales Information Systems was tasked with a big refactoring on a project, one of the challenges was to simplify architecture by reducing boilerplate code. The architect chose PostSharp to implement custom aspects to handle logging, performance counters and INotifyPropertyChanged and keep junior team members better focused on business logic.



Gamesys improves productivity with PostSharp.

Gamesys serves around one million daily active users across its social games. Their backend services handle more than 250 million requests per day. Despite its massive scale, this distinctive service is being maintained by a remarkably small development team of just seven super-productive individuals.


Cognitive X Solutions

PostSharp took care of 95% of CognitiveX's INPC code.

When Cognitive X was looking for ways to deliver value to their clients while differentiating themselves from the competition, the team chose PostSharp as one of the core pieces of their strategy. By decreasing the actual lines of code they were writing, as well as helping them enforce best practices, PostSharp allowed them to produce new features for their clients faster, at lower cost, and with fewer errors.

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