Outsource your mundane tasks to the compiler. Focus on what matters.

PostSharp Professional

Boilerplate code needs to be eradicated. Patterns should rise above mere intentions.
PostSharp Professional unbridles the potential of aspect-oriented programming, for all .NET platforms.
Also get a top-notch implementation of the world’s most wanted aspect – logging.

PostSharp Professional includes all features of PostSharp Express, plus:

Advanced aspect framework

  • Automate complex patterns with composite aspects and dynamic aspect providers.
  • Build faster applications thanks to the aspect optimizer.
  • Scale to large teams and projects with robust aspect composition.
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Diagnostics pattern library

  • Add comprehensive logging to your whole application in just one click.
  • Support for System.Diagnostics, Enterprise Library, NLog and Log4Net.
  • Get highly optimized code you could not beat by hand.
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Broad platform support

  • Build apps that target Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows Store.
  • Write cross-platform aspects using Portable Class Libraries.
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