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All downloads are compatible with all licenses. No key is required for the free PostSharp Essentials or the 45-day trial.

NuGet [Packages]

To start with PostSharp, install the appropriate NuGet package and begin coding.

PM> Install-Package

.NET Framework, .NET (Core), Xamarin, and Blazor are fully tested and supported. Use other .NET Standard platforms at your own risk.
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Package List
No key required for Essentials and trial.

PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio

Install our tooling for an optimal coding and debugging experience:

  • Enhanced debugging: Step over aspect, clean call stack.
  • Enhanced Intellisense: See which aspects are present in your code.
  • Code actions: Get started easily.
No key required for Essentials and trial.

Get Started

1. Download

Add the NuGet packages to your project.

Optionally, install PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio.

2. Choose Free or Pro

The first time you start PostSharp, you will be presented with the following options:

  1. Start with the free PostSharp Essentials.
  2. Start with a free trial of PostSharp Ultimate.
  3. Enter a commercial license key.

3. Get Started

Once you're all set, you can start adding aspects to your application. Click here to get started.


Obtain a Free License

If you are a freelancer, MVP, blogger, author, student, or teacher, you can apply for a PostSharp Ultimate Free License.

Free License

Previous Versions

All versions dating back to 2009 are still available for download.

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