Technical Support

Questions, bug reports, and feature requests

When Reporting a Bug...

  • Please specify the PostSharp or Metalama version, the Visual Studio version, and the .NET version.
  • If you encounter a runtime exception, ensure to include the complete call stack and the exception message. If the exception provides a path to a detailed crash report, please include this file.
  • For build-time errors, generate a binary build log using the command: dotnet build /t:rebuild /bl and attach the file msbuild.binlog to the ticket. If the log contains confidential information, request a private share link.

Public Support

When possible, use GitHub to open a public discussion or issue. This not only benefits others but also provides a more convenient user interface for you.

Private Tickets

Private tickets are exclusively for commercial customers.

Submit your inquiries to Upon your first ticket submission, you will receive an email prompting you to pair your support account with your license key.

Slack Community

Join our Slack community to ask questions or share your experiences. The workspace is monitored by PostSharp Technologies engineers and enthusiastic users.