Our Story

Dedicated to saving developers from repetitive code.

Our Mission

At PostSharp Technologies, we build software tools that enable C# developers to write concise, clean, and maintainable code through code generation and analysis. We are a small team of passionate developers, with all core members coding from childhood and holding degrees in computer science or engineering.

Our company's ethos is deeply rooted in engineering principles. We, as engineers, prioritize safety and scalability in our designs, understanding that our frameworks often serve large teams tasked with long-term product maintenance. Beyond the realm of engineering, we've embraced concepts from both the academic world, including aspect-oriented programming and static analysis. These ideas have been skillfully reimagined for modern C# and .NET.

Our unique approach has helped numerous solo developers and large organizations alike overcome the challenges of code maintenance and scalability. For example, we have been proud to partner for more than a decade with one of the most prominent healthcare imaging device vendors. Thanks to PostSharp, they could avoid writing a six-digit number of lines of code, resulting in significant cost savings and a shorter time to market.

PostSharp Technologies was founded in 2005 by Gael Fraiteur after he experienced the boredom of writing boilerplate code in a telecom company. As a privately owned company with sole ownership, we do not rely on venture capital or loans. Instead, we entirely rely on the revenue generated from the sale of licenses, providing us with financial stability and independence from short-term investor objectives. This approach makes us a dependable partner for large and long-term projects, allowing our customers to focus on their core business objectives with peace of mind.

Origins of PostSharp Technologies

PostSharp Technologies was established in 2004 by Gael Fraiteur, following his experience with the monotony of writing boilerplate code in a telecom company.

We are a privately held company with sole ownership, not relying on venture capital or loans. Our financial stability and independence from investor influence are ensured by the revenue generated from the sale of licenses. This approach positions us as a reliable partner for large and long-term projects, allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business objectives with peace of mind.


The Birth of an Idea

Feeling bored both at work and at home, Gael creates PostSharp as an open-source side project. His vision? To create a platform for post-processing of .NET assemblies during compilation.

Gael Fraiteur, Founder & CEO

With a passion for programming that began in childhood and led to the development of his first commercial application at age 13, Gael's vision to build aspect-oriented software providing .NET developers with the same productivity benefits enjoyed by the Java community became a reality in 2008 with the release of the first version of PostSharp. Since then, PostSharp Technologies has grown steadily to become a leading provider of meta-programming tools in .NET.


First Revenues

The first consulting revenues were earned from PostSharp. Gael toured Europe as a successful open-source project leader. These were the sweet days of fame with still limited responsibilities.


PostSharp 1.0

Gael dedicated three days per week to PostSharp, which remained free and open-source.

PostSharp 1.0 RTM was released after four years of work.


PostSharp Technologies

The open-source project outgrew Gael's ability to maintain it in his spare time.

He established PostSharp Technologies and commenced work on a commercial version.


PostSharp 2.0

PostSharp 2.0, the first commercial version, was released.

The company became profitable immediately and hired its first marketing professional.


The First Hire

After numerous trials and errors, we successfully hired a developer: Alex.

PostSharp 3.0 was released, introducing pattern libraries.


Team Assembled

With a team of seven and efficient processes, Gael can finally take a vacation without his notebook.

PostSharp 4.0 introduces threading models, a true innovation in OOP.



PostSharp wins a bronze medal in the Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Awards for the category of Software Design, Frameworks, and Modeling Tools.



PostSharp 5.0 has finally caught up with the C# and .NET teams and has been awarded 3rd place in the VS Magazine Reader's Choice Awards.


#1 Rated Extension

PostSharp has become the highest-rated Visual Studio extension. Gael is still hoping to experience boredom again, someday.


Work Starts on Metalama

Microsoft has released Roslyn source generators, opening new doors for meta-programming. After some hesitation, we have seized the opportunity and started work on Metalama, a Roslyn-based replacement of PostSharp.


First Stable Release of Metalama

In May 2023, the first stable release of Metalama was launched.