Our story

Saving developers from repetitive code.

Our Mission

We at PostSharp Technologies are 100% dedicated to develop, maintain and support PostSharp and Metalama. Our mission is to help software developers stop writing boring repetitive code (we're looking at you, logging, caching, exception handling, ... !) and rather use their time and skills to produce clean, reliable software that is easier to maintain.

We're closing gaps in object-oriented programming so that developers can outsource the tedious tasks to the compiler and focus on what really matters.

How it all started

PostSharp was created by Gael Fraiteur in 2004 and he still owns an absolute majority of shares in the company.

As a privately-owned and organically-grown company, free from the unpredictable moods of external investors, we are here to stay.


Gael gets bored

Gael gets bored at work and at home, so he creates PostSharp as an open-source side project. His vision is to create a platform for post-processing of .NET assemblies during compilation.

Gael Fraiteur, Founder & CEO

Gael has been passionately programming since childhood, building his first commercial application at age 13. His vision - to build aspect-oriented software that would offer .NET developers the same productivity benefits as those enjoyed by the Java community, became a reality when, in 2004, he built and released PostSharp to the wild. PostSharp has steadily grown to become the most comprehensive aspect-oriented software for .NET available today.


First revenues

First consulting revenues from PostSharp. Gael tours Europe as a successful open-source project leader. Sweet days of fame and still limited responsibilities.


PostSharp 1.0

Gael now works 3 days per week on PostSharp, which is still free and open-source.

PostSharp 1.0 RTM is released after 4 years of work.


PostSharp Technologies

The open-source project outgrows Gael's ability to maintain it in his "free" time.

He creates the company PostSharp Technologies and starts working on a commercial version.


PostSharp 2.0

PostSharp 2.0, the first commercial version, is released.

The company gets immediately profitable and hires its first marketing dude.


The first hiring

After lots of trials and errors, we're having success in hiring a developer: Alex.

PostSharp 3.0 is released and introduces pattern libraries.


Team assembled

With a team of 7 and smooth processes, Gael can finally take vacation without his notebook.

PostSharp 4.0 brings threading models, a true innovation to OOP.



PostSharp wins a bronze medal in Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Awards for the category Software Design, Frameworks and Modeling Tools.



PostSharp 5.0 finally catches up again with the C# and .NET teams and is again awarded 3rd place in VS Magazine Reader's Choice Awards.


#1 rated extension

PostSharp becomes the #1 highest-rated Visual Studio extension. Gael still hopes to get bored again, some day.


Works start on Metalama

Microsoft releases Roslyn source generators and open new doors to meta-programming. After some hesitations, we jump on the opportunity and start the work on Metalama, a Roslyn-based replacement of PostSharp.


First Release of Metalama

In February 2022, the first preview of Metalama is released.