PostSharp Technologies

Advancing the state of the art of building software.

About Us

Our company – PostSharp was created in 2004 by Gael Fraiteur as an open-source project. As the project's popularity grew and the community requested more features and support, Gael decided to incorporate PostSharp into a commercial company. Roman Stanek embraced the project and became an investor. In 2009, PostSharp Technologies was born and a few months later, the first commercial version of PostSharp was released.

Our mission – We are committed to bringing innovation to developers in industry-leading companies by building tools that enable them to add new code functionality and maintenance, simplify architecture, and reduce code duplication and application complexity.

Our difference – There are a number of free alternatives to PostSharp available in the .NET world; yet more and more organizations are turning to us for their needs. Our software offers features that no other alternative framework can match, including ready-made implementations of some of the most common patterns found in .NET applications today, plus team features that allow for large-scale usage.

Our customers – Over 50,000 developers worldwide rely on PostSharp to create cleaner code every day. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies like US Airways, Siemens, and Bank of America, as well as educational institutions, government organizations worldwide, start-ups and non-profits.

Our Board

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Gael Fraiteur, Founder and Principal Engineer

Gael has been passionately programming since childhood. His vision - to build aspect-oriented software that would offer .NET developers the same productivity benefits as those enjoyed by the Java community - became a reality when, in 2004, he built and released PostSharp to the wild. PostSharp has steadily grown to become the most comprehensive aspect-oriented software for .NET available today.

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Roman Stanek, Investor & Advisor

PostSharp Technologies is proud to have Roman Stanek as a trusted partner, advisor and minority investor. Roman has been a tech entrepreneur for almost 20 years. He's the Founder and CEO of GoodData. Roman was also Founder and CEO of NetBeans (acquired by Sun Microsystems) and Systinet (acquired by Mercury Interactive and later Hewlett Packard).

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Ted Finch, VP of Marketing

Ted Finch is one of the top channel and marketing experts in the high-tech industry, having launched over 450 products into the channel for over 200 vendors (including Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Corel, Intel, Aldus, Epson, AOL, WordPerfect, Novel, Autodesk, Citrix, IBM, Sony, Disney, Mitsubishi, Lotus, DCA, Netscape, plus over 50 start-ups with SaaS products).

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Vlasta Kubinova, VP of People

Vlasta has been working with people over 15 years as a coach, advisor and psychologist. Having studied psychotherapy, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and coaching, she's been helping top and middle managers of companies such as Raiffeisenbank, Deloitte or Hochtief find the right paths and develop their teams. Vlasta specializes in business and leadership coaching as well as talent management and strategic HR.