PostSharp [Essentials]

A free edition of PostSharp to start your rebellion against boilerplate.

  • Simple but popular features for free in projects of any size.
  • All premium features for up to 1,000 lines of code.
  • A great solution for prototypes and small personal projects.

What's in and what's not?

Licensing Available to individuals and companies for commercial projects
Framework OnMethodBoundaryAspect, MethodInterceptionAspect
LocationInterceptionAspect, EventInterceptionAspect
Composite aspects
Support for async methods
Build-time code validation
Logging Get detailed logs for freshly-built apps of any size
Get detailed logs of any app without time limitation
MVVM INotifyPropertyChanged for automatic properties
INotifyPropertyChanged for explicit properties and child objects
Dependency Properties
Contracts Add pre-conditions and post-conditions.
PostSharp SDK Use any community-built plug-in and create your own
Caching Cache a method return value as a function of its parameters.
Threading Simplify multi-threaded applications and make them deterministic.

For details, see Limitations of PostSharp Essentials.

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