PostSharp Makes .NET Languages Stronger

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Design Patterns

Don’t let patterns turn into boilerplate. Choose to write cleaner, shorter code.

Thread Safety

Avoid random errors. Unlock your code from the complexity threading has imposed.

Better software through simpler code

Deliver faster with less code

Stop reinventing the wheel – Standard patterns like INotifyPropertyChanged, undo/redo or threading models are industry best-practices. Why re-invent the wheel when you can use proven implementations out-of-the-box from PostSharp?

Eradicate boilerplate – Implementing patterns like logging and error handling is a time-consuming and repetitive task. PostSharp patterns quickly add required functionality by reducing the duplicate code you have to write.

Let the compiler do the work for you – Project-specific patterns are very repetitive, with little or no decision left to the developer. This is exactly what computers are good at. With PostSharp, you can quickly and easily teach the compiler to implement a pattern once, saving time and reducing source code everywhere the pattern is applied.

Design apps you will love to maintain

Produce cleaner code – Fewer lines of code means a smaller surface for defects to occur. Code that is easier to read and understand is easier to modify and produces fewer defects.

Improve Encapsulation – It’s easier to add or change functionality when the codebase has good modularity. PostSharp encapsulates common code into reusable patterns, reducing the clutter and complexity in your codebase.

Fail faster – Issues found earlier are easier to fix. Architectural constraints, code contracts and threading models identify defects as early as compile time.

Empower every team member

Architects can trust that the development team is following the correct application patterns. PostSharp will show a compile time error or warning when a guideline is not respected.

Senior Developers address complex technical issues in custom patterns and distribute them to application developers for use. This effectively multiplies the knowledge and skill of the senior developer.

Application Developers can ramp up faster and more quickly contribute since they can focus on business requirements without worrying about low-level technical details.

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