As Metalama is a new stack, it certainly contains more bugs than our older product line. More than ever, we are here to help.

Community Support

We are eager to hear any feedback from the community! See you on GitHub for any question, bug report or feature request.

Commercial Support

If you have a high-priority or confidential issues, please use our Service Desk.

Assisted Migration

If you are currently using PostSharp and want to migrate to Metalama, we would like to hear from you, and there is a chance we can help.


Join our Slack community and ask your technical questions in real time.

Assisted Migration

If you are already using PostSharp and are eager to migrate to Metalama, we would like to offer our assistance. We will be able help a few early-adopting customers to migrate their aspects from PostSharp to Metalama.

1. Who is eligible?

Everybody is eligible, but the final choice will be at our own discretion. We will take the following factors into account when making our choice:

  • Are the PostSharp features you are using already implemented by Metalama?
  • Can we build your source code on our machine in case of problem?
  • Can we do peer programming with one of your engineers over a video link?
  • Can the migration be efficiently done on a branch that could remain unmerged during several weeks? What is the time pressure?
  • How many developers would be affected by defects in Metalama?
  • How much money did you spend with us in the last 3 years?

2. What does the assisted migration consist in?

This will be an informal, ad-hoc agreement, with possible mutual NDA. Things we can do together:

  • Peer programming over desktop sharing.
  • Debugging of your source code on our machines.
  • Online chat channel.

3. Will you be offering paying migration assistance?

Probably not. Our development bandwidth is limited and we need to make sure that the product is ready for all customers.